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Dalton Family Paving is a top paving contractor in Dalton, GA and the surrounding areas. We are proud to provide high customer satisfaction with our prompt service, attention to detail, and paving expertise.

We have been in the asphalt paving business for many years. Our fully licensed crews take great care and attention on every asphalt paving project.

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We are committed to providing a full range of services to all commercial properties of the Dalton area, including malls, schools, and other facilities. We offer competitively priced asphalt solutions for all of your paving needs. Our wide range of commercial parking lot maintenance and paving services include:

Our team of dedicated asphalt paving contractors provide high quality, long-lasting asphalt repairs, paving, and resurfacing solutions at an affordable price.

Why Choose Asphalt?

Asphalt parking lots are smooth, safe, and reliable. Asphalt is a popular choice because of its flexibility and durability – not just as a material, but also in the choices you have once it is installed. For example, if asphalt is damaged, it is able to repaired easily and seamlessly. When the entire lot is looking worn, it can be updated in a couple of ways.

Resurfacing asphalt parking lots is a cost-effective option that provides a completely new driving surface for your existing parking lot, but is less expensive than asphalt replacement. First, a thin top layer of asphalt is removed from the surface, and then a new asphalt layer is paved on top. A resurfaced parking lot looks great and extends the life of your asphalt pavement by 20 years or more.

Parking lot maintenance such as sealcoating is another way asphalt provides options. Sealcoating provides old asphalt with a functional, protective barrier that restores the dark black color of fresh asphalt, boosting curb appeal.

For these reasons, asphalt has become a number one choice for large scale paving projects, where reliability is paramount. When properly maintained, an asphalt parking lot can last for decades, providing you and your customers with a wonderful driving experience.


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Professional Commercial Asphalt Services

Parking Lot Paving

Installing a new parking lot on your commercial property is an important step to being ready for business. A well-paved parking lot with clear parking spaces has great aesthetic appeal, is safe for drivers and pedestrians, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Parking Lot Resurfacing

If your pavement foundation has good structural integrity, but has uneven surfaces, standing water, and cracking, then resurfacing may be the best option! Parking lot resurfacing provides a completely new asphalt surface for the entire parking lot.

Asphalt Repairs & Maintenance

Proper maintenance of commercial parking lots involves crack sealing, seal coating, and prompt repairs of large and small potholes. Routine maintenance helps reduce long term costs by preventing extensive damage from water infiltration and erosion.

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